Pengo Arcade

Arcade vs MSX

Screen from the original arcade machine.

Pengo MSX

Screen from the MSX version.

We tried to maintain the original look as much as possible, but there are minor changes here and there.
Cause the arcade has vertical screen, the MSX version needs to use scroll, in the same way as the version included on the Megadrive's Pengo.

Check the video below to see how it looks!

MSX version by Paxanga Soft 2010
Code & GFX conversion: MsxKun
Music & SFX: John Hassink (DemonSeed)

© 1982 by SEGA

There is more!

In 2012, for the 30th anniversary of the Arcade game Pengo we released a little web game to celebrate it. You still can play it here!

Pengo vs Pengo
*Note: It seems that it could be not totally compatible with some modern browsers, sorry. Anyway, this mini-game is included inside the MSX version of Pengo.