Godzilla Balls

MSX1 - 64k ROM

Ref.: MSXC10 - Year 2024

New MSX game. Puzzle-action-exploration game with our beloved Godzilla and Gamera. Help them get all the balls to get out of the evil Dr. Shorizawa's machine!

Yokai no Atsuki Tatakai

MSX1 - 64k ROM

Ref.: MSXC09 - Year 2017

Action with some bits of RPG, placed on a japanese cemetery full of yokai. Explore the place, defeat the yokais and help the girl.


MSX1 - 16k ROM

Ref.: MSXC08 - Year 2013

Test your skills on this action game where you have to get all the diamonds on screen using your ship's extendable crane. But beware the enemies.


MSX2 - 128k ROM Cartridge

Ref.: MSXC07 - Year 2010

The Arcade machine finally on your MSX2! Squeeze the Sno-Bees with the ice blocks or freeze them using the screen borders. But do it before they sting you!

Cow Abductors

MSX1 - 16k ROM

Ref.: MSXC06 - Year 2009

As a proper alien with his own UFO, your mission is to abduct all the cows.

This game is included on Pengo's cartridge too.

Cold Blood

MSX1 - 32k ROM Cartridge

Ref.: MSXC05 - Year 2009

You are Pac-Snake and you must follow the orders of Pac-Boss. Enter the Ghost Fortress and get all the blips. Eat or be eaten, that's the matter.

Perfect Fit

MSX1 - 32k ROM / 48k ROM Cart.

Ref.: MSXC04 - Year 2008

On this puzzle game you must move all the blocks to their destiny tiles. It seems easy, but only if you think carefully before moving your pieces.

Parachuteless Joe

MSX1 - 32k ROM

Ref.: MSXC03 - Year 2005

Play with the legendary Joe, a skydiver with guts. The one who doesn't even need a parachute!
This game is totally like the real life.

Mr. Chef & the Sausages

MSX1 - 8k ROM

Ref.: MSXC02 - Year 2004

Kill the damn sausages before they escape! Don't go bed without dinner.
This game is based on a Handheld LCD game.

Eat Blue! 2004

MSX1 - 8k ROM

Ref.: MSXC01 - Year 2004

Find the exit of each screen while you eat the blue tiles and avoid the red ones to survive. Don't forget to collect the correct key to open the exit!


MSX2 - Disk (1 x 2DD)

Ref.: MSX003 - Year 2004

Yupipati (Ultimate Piedra Papel o Tijera) is a game to compete versus a friend (or enermy, or CPU) and see who has the fastest mind.
Or luck... whatever.

Don't Warro! Be Japo!

MSX2 - Disk (1 x 1DD)

Ref.: MSX002 - Year 2003

Shoot all your junk into the top of the game screen in the proper way and you'll get rid off it. Use the correct items to make it easier and complete all the levels.

MSX Hot Numbers

MSX2 - Disk (2 x 2DD)

Ref.: MSX001 - Year 2002

Use the elementary maths you learnt ages ago at school to get the best score and clear all the screens, defeating the villain and making the girl happy.